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What are terms of use?

Terms of Use, also commonly referred to as Terms of Service, cover a range of issues that govern the behavior of a user when they are using your website. Things like content ownership, third party websites, payments, copyright notices and more are included in this document. The terms within the agreement provide your company a framework to restrict or terminate user’s’ access if they violate the contract. If you have a web-based service, you can see why it’s vital for you to have this in place in order to set expectations for users entering your site.

A common feature of Terms of Use is a disclaimer which states that you cannot be held responsible for any information that may be displayed incorrectly on your site. For liability purposes, it’s important to structure your Terms in a way that represents your company, and not settle for a template that could be missing key components. Lastly, if you’re just starting out it’s smart to pair a Terms of Service agreement with a Privacy Policy.

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