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What are the best way to promote business for free?

My answer to What are the best way to promote business for free?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

When building your business, promotion is everything. People need to know who you are and what you do. There are endless places to list your business, but some of the best for tech or startup businesses (my expertise) are AngelList, ProductHunt, Crunchbase and Reddit.


In 2015, over 400 AngelList startups raised a combined $163 million dollars from over 3,300 investors. (See here.) So AngelList is a great platform to list your company if you are in the beginning stages of funding. In addition to securing funding, AngelList is also a great place to find talent for your company. If you are seeking some mentorship and guidance, you can also search for incubators to join.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a communal platform in which users share their own product, curate lists of their favorite products, and vote products they like. It is a great platform to use when you are ready to market your product and solidify your brand. Importantly, it gives you the ability to engage directly with potential customers and obtain feedback on your product.


The tech publisher TechCrunch runs CrunchBase which is a crowdsourced database of investors, incubators and startups. CrunchBase users can track information and data from the thousands of startup profiles listed in the database. It is a good place to track the historical progress of your startup vis-a-vis the larger startup community, especially as it relates to funding.


Reddit is a communal forum and social network. It is a great platform to raise awareness for your brand, particularly if subscribe to specific topic areas called “subreddits,” focusing on entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, investments, etc. You can use these various subreddits to share info about your company, seek advice, obtain feedback, and share ideas.

It’s important to legally protect your business before listing it. If you need to form your business or trademark your company name / logo then head to LawTrades for a free price quote. We’re a one-stop platform where you can find pre-vetted attorneys for any legal work you need for your startup or other business venture. Good luck w/ the business!

What are the best way to promote business for free?