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What are the must-have attributes a tech CEO wants in a General Counsel?

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General counsel for a startup is an entirely different breed.

When selecting general counsel for your company, you want to be sure that you’re looking for the attributes that will ensure success. Here are a few things to search for:



Startups require a lot of flexibility from everybody on the team. You want your general counsel to have a degree of flexibility so you know that they can take on a variety of legal tasks at once.


Understands Your Vision

General counsel is more than just a lawyer that happens to work for you—they are a critical part of your team. Whoever you select should have the desire to understand your startup from top to bottom. They will play a role in developing the culture so make sure you’re on the same page.


Bigger Picture Mindset

General counsel should be able to put out fires, but also anticipate fires before they start. You want someone who can plan for the future, but also manage what is happening at the moment.

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