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What’s the best advice for hiring an attorney or startup lawyer when starting a startup?

That’s a great question.

Just to preface, I’ve spent A LOT of time navigating the legal system for my first startup a few years ago.

Currently, I’m helping dozens of startups start their own business with https://www.lawtrades.com.

Okay, now that we have some credibility out of the way, let’s dig in.

A good startup lawyer is one who has an eclectic background. He/she has a background that provides the insight needed to understand the everyday stressors that you face. It is a lawyer who understands that risk can’t be eliminated, but rather it must be managed strategically from a cost-benefit point of view.

The lawyer should provide in-depth services to an exclusive number of clients and understand the companies culture and objectives. The lawyer must be committed to gaining the trust of the startups key personnel by figuring out the business inside out. Most importantly, the lawyer must be committed to being available when needed.

When it comes to price, startup lawyers should offer affordable prices for startups to grow their businesses. The best lawyers provides connections to support the growth and inspire the true spirit of entrepreneurship by providing warm introductions that can change your business for the better.

Lastly, trust your instincts. Input from friends and family are great but sometimes can be unreliable. Your own opinion matters a lot. While expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with person, or can’t envision yourself having confidential conversations with them, then you should probably pass on them.

These are the qualities we look for when we invite lawyers to join LawTrades from thousands of applications. Our goal is to curate the best startup lawyers in the US and make them easily accessible to the most promising startups out there.

If you have any specific questions that I didn’t cover in this answer then feel free to reach out directly. We love working with startups 🙂