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What’s it like to work as an in-house counsel in a big bank’s legal department?

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Many legal professionals are asking themselves whether or not they should transition into in-house counsel whether it be a big bank as the question asks or some other company that requires ongoing legal services. There are no denying the benefits for the company as well as the attorney.


Critical Team Member

As an in-house legal counsel, you aren’t just a lawyer. Instead, you become a critical part of the bigger picture of the company. Not only are you considered a valuable team member, but you may also play a role in key decision-making s the company develops. You can, and should, become a key part of the company’s culture since you’ll be understanding their vision completely. In short, it’s kind of nice to be part of something bigger.


Work/Life Balance

Attorneys that work in a firm have a tendency to work excessive hours to achieve certain milestones for their clients. However, one of the biggest perks of working in-house is that you typically keep a regular 9–5 schedule.


You Don’t Have to Look for Work

Lawyers don’t usually keep clients forever. While it’s true that many attorneys are kept on retainer or become the regular go-to for some of their clients, the truth is the work can be inconsistent. As an in-house lawyer, you’ll have your clients in place, so you don’t have to spend any of your resources looking for work.


For some more information, check out: Your Guide to Building the Best In-House Legal Team. This information can be helpful to lawyers as well as business owners to understand what exactly companies are looking for when it comes to creating their legal team.


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