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Which occupations receive the most H1B visas/Green cards in the USA?

It’s true that a large majority of the H1B recipients have computer-related jobs. However, to be clear, you don’t necessarily need a computer science degree to receive the visa. A variety of other positions have been approved including teachers, therapists, architects and many, many more.

Of course, there are specific requirements for the H1B which include:

  • Must have a job offer in the US
  • The position must be classified as “specialty occupation.”
  • Must have a bachelors degree (or in some cases, equivalent work experience)
  • The application must be completed by the deadline
  • Employers must prove they are paying a wage that is on par with US employees of the same status

For more information: Everything You Should Know about the H1B Visa Application.

To be clear, while IT jobs are certainly prevalent, much of that has to do with a combination of worker need in the US as well as the qualified applicant pool. Other positions can certainly qualify as well.

If you are curious about your options with obtaining an H1B Visa, then you should talk to an immigration attorney. We can put you in touch with a qualified lawyer that can be answering your questions in a matter of minutes!

Hope this helps!