Who’s the best Internet startup lawyer in NYC?

Finding the “best” lawyer is tough. That’s why at LawTrades we’ve curated some of the most renowned startup lawyers that’s worked with Internet companies like ClickRadio, Flipboard, and Google, and made them easily accessible to promising startups in NYC.

Our pre-screened lawyers have eclectic backgrounds to provide the insight necessary to understand everyday stressors that startups face (incorporating, raising money, issuing stock, hiring/firing etc.. ). A great startup lawyerprovides in-depth detailed services to an exclusive limited number of clients.

When looking for the “best Internet startup lawyer in NYC,” there are a few considerations that will point you in the right direction. The best startup lawyers should possess some basic qualities and skills. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Experience: Startups need a lawyer who has a detailed understanding of what it takes to build a company and manage it in a way that is both efficient and maximizes productivity. Thus, your lawyer should be well versed in transactional law, patent law, securities law, and tax/income law. Also, your lawyer should have experience in drafting/negotiating contracts, founding and securing investors for startups, managing corporate stocks and assets, to name a few areas.

2. Professional Chemistry: Although being overlooked by many, this is so important for startups. It is quintessential to your legal representation that you actually like and get along with your attorney. Startups can be fragile entities and they must have full confidence in their lawyer and know that their company is in good hands.

3. Price: Money/capital is usually very limited when a startup is in its early stages. You must have an adequate understanding of what your legal matters will cost your startup and make sure that what you are paying is a fair price. Overhead is always a primary concern, and you want to pay the lowest market price for the best legal services.

4. Availability: Startups will have varying legal issues that may come about suddenly. The best lawyers will be those that can always be reached and have a true dedication to your startup.

Whoever you choose, remember that a startup lawyer should understand your company’s unique culture and manage risk intelligently from a cost-benefit perspective. And speaking of costs, it’s important to understand your lawyer’s fee structure. Hourly rates continue to be the prevalent method of billing, but startups should also explore alternatives such as fixed, capped, contingent, hybrid and premium-based fee arrangements.

Hope this helped. Keep plugging!