Why is EB5 visa not well-known compared to H1B visa?

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It’s like comparing apples and oranges. The intent of the visas are different, and it is likely that more people are just interested in what the H1B visa has to offer.

EB5 Visa intent: permanent residency

H1B Visa intent: temporary work visa

The visas just don’t focus on the same things, and it’s less of an investment (and risk) to simply relocate temporarily rather than seek permanent residency in a brand new country.

One of the primary reasons (other than intent) that a person may not choose the EB5 visa is because there are several requirements that aren’t easy to meet. A quick overview includes:

  • You have to prove that your investment is at risk
  • Any money associated with the investment must be 100% documented
  • You have to invest in your own project or a regional center
  • Your venture must create at least ten full-time jobs

However, the H1B simply requires you to have employment and an employer that’s willing to sponsor you. It doesn’t require the same level of tediousness that must be proven if you apply for an EB5 Visa.

For a bit more about the H1B Visa, check out  Everything You Should Know About H1B Visa Application. This gives you a general idea of what you should expect through that process.

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