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Will a startup manage to get funding from investors if it doesn’t have any users? If not, how large should that user base be?

It depends.

As other answers have indicated, it can be really tough to get investors on board with an idea that has no proof of execution. Investors don’t want to be put in the position of holding your hand through each and every stage because they want to be able to trust that you can make things work. Keep in mind, the more investors have to utilize their skills, the bigger piece of the pie they will likely want.

However, there may be a few situations where investors may be interested even without any users. Typically, investors will want to see what you’ve done in the past with any other startups you may have been involved with or if you just have an incredible pitch that blows them away. This approach is really difficult, but it might work if the stars are in alignment.

As far as how many users you should have, there’s no simple answer there, either. Some investors will want to see a few hundred while others won’t be impressed until you have a few thousand. Either way, the point is that MOST investors want to see some traction before they will get on board. You may want to focus on fleshing that out a bit more before you seek funding.

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