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How Do I Work and Live in the United States on a Visa (for a Canadian Citizen)?

As a Canadian citizen hoping to work in the US, there are multiple options that are available to you. Some relevant work-related visas include:

  • HB-1 Visa-this option is available to individuals who at least hold a bachelor’s degree. The employer would have to agree to sponsor you and should file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf.
  • E1 or E2-if the business you plan to work for is 50% owned by nationals of your home country and it trades and invests in the US then this could be another option for you.
  • O Visa-if you have proven substantial contribution to areas such as education or science you may be eligible for this type of visa.
  • L Visa-this type of visa may be an option if you have worked for a company for at least a year and then wish to pursue employment in the US under another branch of the same business.
  • Green Card-if you have a master’s degree or work in a position that requires it, you may be eligible to apply for a green card to continue working in the US.

As you can see, there are various avenues you could take to achieve your desired results. To better understand your options and to select the appropriate option, you should contact an immigration attorney. Keep in mind, many of these processes take time to complete, so you we want to be sure to choose the best option.

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