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When writing a blog post, what constitutes copyright infringement?

A copyright is infringed upon when copied, but that generally means more than quoting an article. Basically, a copyright can be infringed in two ways: directly by straight copying, or by a substantially similar reproduction that is so similar to the original that it can be reasonably concluded that it was copied. A copyright protects the expression of an idea, but doesn’t protect the underlying idea itself. So, a copyright will not be infringed by using the same underlying idea as a copyrighted work.

When writing a blog post, you will have to go pretty far to infringe a copyright. Further, it will depend on the nature of your blog post. Obviously, if you are using someone else’s information to generate some type of financial compensation for yourself, you may be in trouble. But on the other hand, if you are only mentioning another Internet article in your blog post, it is unlikely that a copyright holder will come after you without being injured in some way.

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