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10 Tips to Build the Perfect Investor Deck

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A pitch deck is a critical part of any startups journey to obtaining investments in their business. Primarily, a pitch deck consists of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation that explains aspects of the company that are most important to potential investors.

What is a Pitch Deck?

Because investors don’t have availability to read through extensive documents about a company, the pitch deck serves as the perfect time-saver that allows companies to extend a proverbial handshake to individuals who can help them raise capital. This is why it’s incredibly important to create the best pitch deck that not only covers all the critical points of the business, but is also compelling enough to keep an investors attention until the very end. You can always conduct an internet search to review a high quality pitch deck example.

1.Outline How You Will Use the Funds

Investors want to know what you plan to do with their money. Don’t skimp on the details when it comes to explaining exactly how you plan on using their funding to help your business grow. Expressing a clear financial outcast will attract the kind of investors you want involved with your project.

2.Keep it Short

Remember, investors don’t have a lot of time to look over documents that is why an investor deck is so convenient. Keep the slide number down, but make sure to include all the critical aspects of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, but you want your pitch deck to showcase your ability to save time and be direct.

3.Present a Solution

Make sure it’s clear how your company is a solution to a problem. This is your time to prove that you are a competitor in the market and that you have a shot at really developing a substantial business that can grow and expand.

4.Prove Traction

If you are already generating revenue then this is certainly something you should point out to investors. The less risky it is to invest, the more likely you’ll get quality investors willing to take the plunge.

5.Practice the Pitch

Practicing pitch is crucial! You need to make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the length of the presentation and that you are clearly explaining each slide.

6.Include your Team

Sometimes, CEOs think it’s best to take the lead on the pitch deck. That’s usually fine, but make sure that the team is involved as well. Investors want to know the entire company and not just the ones that got it started.

7.Include a Q&A

Don’t forget to take questions at the end of your presentation. The presentation itself is undoubtedly critical, but just as meaningful is the conversation following it. Investors may have industry-specific queries or may want to get to know your personality a little better.

8.Know your Audience

Don’t include information in the pitch deck that is arbitrary. Make sure that you have essential information that your audience will appreciate. Do some research to understand the background of your investors.

9.Keep Slides Simple

A good rule of thumb is that each slide should take about three seconds to understand. You aren’t reading the information on the slides, but rather using it to prompt you to speak about the company. An excellent presentation means you are using the slides as a tool and not relying on them as a teleprompter.

10.Infuse your Personality

Remember, this is your time to make an impression. Be yourself. Investors want to know if they can work with you and the best way to learn that is through an effective investor deck presentation.

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