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6 Things Thursday : April 18, 2019

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Hi there!

Here’s another microdose of the coolest things I discovered this week–written by me, Raad—CEO of LawTrades


1. A playlist I’m listening to (on repeat) 
Apple Music / Spotify
If we lower our brain wave frequency, we can put ourselves in the best condition to learn new information, perform more intricate tasks, and analyze situations better. For example, when you meditate, you focus on your breath going in and out which slows down the electrical patterns in your brain to make you feel relaxed. This playlist also does that. Listening to it on repeat may create a learned neurological response in the brain to enhance your state of consciousness. Feel free to follow it as I continue to add more tracks.

2. New features we shipped 
You can now schedule a quick consultation, boost your request to more lawyers, and cancel your project. Log in to check it out.

3. How I journal 
The Self Journal
Above is a free PDF version of the template I use to journal. It provides me with a daily structure to execute my long term goals. You can just print it out and start using it or purchase the hard copy here.

4. A question I answered 
I want to start a business, but I have no ideas for one. How do I go about creating one?

5. My commute to the office 

6. How I eat 
Explainer Video
I eat 1-2 meals a day consuming roughly 4-6 cups of greens, 56% fats, 41% proteins and 3% carbohydrates. I fast ~20 hours per day and strength train every other day. You can track my progress here.


Have a mindful rest of the week.


Raad Ahmed
Founder/CEO, LawTrades.

P.S. – If you know anyone who would like this type of content, forward it to them. I’d be thrilled to have them here.


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