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Case Study: Baron Fig

Joey Cofone, CEO & Founder of Baron Fig. New York, NY.


The Problem

Before Joey Cofone (@joeycofone) started his business, he knew his future company would have to comply with several state business regulations. Without even thinking, Joey turned to a law firm. His initial exposure to legal was a headache as he faced difficulty finding a lawyer with the appropriate specialization, as well as receiving clear answers from law firms on basic issues such as billing and expectations. On multiple occasions Joey had to set up an in-person consultation with his retained law firm and pay “exorbitant fees for basic services.” Joey turned to LawTrades when he was ready for a better legal experience. 


The Solution

Joey quickly found that he could count on LawTrades to provide “quick and affordable first-rate solutions to his legal problems.” LawTrades’ support staff was available around the clock to answer any question that Joey encountered running Baron Fig. Joey also found the site “easy to navigate and appreciated the fact that LawTrades maintains a staff with attorneys specializing in several different areas.” Since Baron Fig first visited LawTrades in 2016, the company has completed five more legal projects with many more to come. As Baron Fig continues to grow, Joey is relieved that his company will have a one-stop resource for things like developing employment policies, registering patents, and raising rounds of funding.


The Company

Baron Fig is a stationary products company that manufactures notebooks, pens, pencils, and other accessories “designed with a philosophy of simplicity, usefulness and community.” Joey and his partner Adam Kornfield launched their first notebook campaign, the Confidant, over three years ago on Kickstarter. After thirty days, the pair had raised over eleven times their goal. At that point the two realized that they were “on to something.” Thereafter, Baron Fig was created and has expanded to over fifty countries, had over a dozen new releases, and introduced software into its product lineup. In short, if you’re ever in need of a notebook then Baron Fig’s products must be considered.