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Everything You Should Know About the H1B Visa Application

An H1B visa is categorized as a temporary or non-immigrant visa that allows individuals to work in the US in specialty positions.  Like others, the H1B visa application requires a specific education and employment history and has an annual cap on approved applicants.

It’s important to understand and follow the mandatory guidelines to set yourself up for the best chances of approval.  While many people apply, only 65,000 applicants are chosen. Keep in mind, H1B visa applications are selected on a lottery basis so even if you qualify it does not mean that you will be approved. A qualified H1B visa lawyer can help you through this tedious process.

Requirements for the H1B visa application

Before you begin the application process, you should take a moment to identify the requirements. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in an automatic disqualification. Requirements include:

  • You must have a university degree or equivalent working experience.
  • If using equivalent working experience instead of education, please note that you must have at least three years of work experience for every one year you would have spent at a university (12 years of working experience equates to 4-year university degree).
  • An H1B visa must be sponsored by a company.
  • Individuals must have an offer of employment, internship, or school before applying for the H1B.
  • You must have the application completed by the deadline. The annual application window usually begins April 1st for visa approvals for October 1st the following year. For example, if you apply for the H1B visa April 1st, 2018 approved applicants will enter the US on October 1st, 2019.
  • Employers of the applicant must prove that they are paying a prevailing wage which means that it is on par with what US employees would earn in the same position with similar experience and education.

Online Immigration Help

If you are considering applying for the H1B visa, then you should reach out to a skilled immigration attorney. Our online legal services company,LawTrades can connect you with a seasoned H1B lawyer that can help you identify your qualifications, gather essential documentation, and ensure that you meet critical deadlines.

Because immigration issues can be ongoing, you should check out Counsel, our legal plans. For an upfront fee, you have access to unlimited legal consultation, on-demand communication with your lawyer via messenger and additional exclusive perks like $0 service fees and discounted hourly rates.



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