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Facebook Fiasco Proves the Need to Rethink Internet Privacy Protections

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Over the past couple of days, Mark Zuckerberg has had to answer very pointed questions about the privacy policies put in place for the most widely used social media site on the planet.  Facebook has changed the way that we interact and send and receive information, but the opacity of Facebook’s privacy policy could be the reason that so much private information isn’t so private anymore.

Privacy policies should be in place for any website that collects information that could potentially identify an individual.  Everything from email addresses to location is considered personally identifiable information. Facebook has privacy policies in place. The problem? It’s not exactly the easiest thing to understand.

During the congressional meeting, Rep. Eshoo (D-California) compared Facebook’s privacy policies to a “minefield” suggesting that the information is not easy to navigate. She went on to indicate that the language is so unclear that everyday people likely struggle with understanding what is exactly happening with the data that they provide to the site.

Ultimately, representatives have suggested that Facebook should employ some of the stricter privacy laws that are part of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.  That would include adopting simpler language in the privacy policy among other additional rules and regulations.


What Does this Mean for Other Businesses?

Anytime users are asked to provide personal information; they should be fully aware of what the site plans on doing with that information. The language should be simple enough for everyday people to understand fully what they agree to. This congressional hearing should be an eye-opener for businesses of how important it is to have a clearly defined privacy policy in place.


Legal Advice

While the US doesn’t have any federal laws requiring a privacy policy, other laws highly suggest it. Plus, cases such as this outline why it’s necessary to make sure people understand what their rights are and how business plans on using certain information.

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