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Freelancer Agreements Every Specialist Should Have on Hand

Freelancers are often so busy servicing their clients – and getting new ones – that they don’t realize the benefits of preparing a few freelancer agreements and other documents before starting a new project.  Having these on hand can not only provide protection in the event of litigation, but also help them avoid unnecessary stress in the future. Whether you need help crafting a simple independent contractor agreement or want to register as a sole proprietorship, you should seek the assistance of a skilled business attorney.

Common Freelancer Legal Documents

You may be surprised to learn the many documents that could help your freelancing business run more smoothly. If you don’t have any set in place, then you should definitely take note of these top documents.

License and Registration: Some locations require that any business must get proper licensing. Take a look at your city and state websites to make sure that you aren’t disregarding a business rule. It’s always beneficial to register your freelancing business. Whether you opt for a sole proprietorship or form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the proper formation will protect your business as it grows. Make sure you check out the local laws in your area. Certain states and cities require registration.

Simple Independent Contractor Agreement: You should always clearly outline the terms and conditions of the projects that you take on. You and your client should have an understanding as far as pay, deadlines, and communication expectations. Take care to outline who own the rights to the deliverables specifically. Failure to do this could result in unnecessary payment disputes and disgruntled clients that leave a poor review. In extreme cases, it could even lead to litigation issues.

Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): As a freelancer, you don’t necessarily need to have an NDA to provide to clients, but you should at least understand what it is. From time to time you may be asked to sign an NDA which protects the specific information that the client provides during the project. Familiarize yourself with what an NDA is (and what it isn’t) so that you are more comfortable with signing it.

Freelancer Legal Help

LawTrades is happy to offer online legal services to freelancers. If you need assistance with any part of your business including formation or crafting agreements and contracts, then we can help. Our online legal services connect you with the best attorney to suit your legal situation. Be sure to consider one of our legal plans. It’s a subscription-based legal service that allows you to have year-round legal help with a discounted hourly rate and $0 service fee, plus numerous business perks.



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