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Google I/O 2018: 8 exciting announcements

The annual Google developer conference is underway and there is a lot to be excited about. It seems that this year, there won’t be as many new inventions as in the past. Rather, this year’s Google IO promises  something that we think is better: improvement and refinement of some of Google’s most promising technologies. Watch the keynote in 10 minutes  here. In this Google IO summary we share some of the announcements we are most excited about.


Google’s New and Improved Assistant

With the use of its newest machine learning technology, Google now has the ability to develop new voices in weeks (in the past, this took years). One of the new AI assistant voices is that of John Legend. Google Assistant is also introducing a new feature –pretty please mode – that teaches your entire family to say please and thank you.

In addition, Google developers will be happy to learn that a lot of work has gone into making conversation with the AI assistant more natural: No need to say “Hey Google” or “Ok google”. It will also be possible to ask more than one thing at a time (“What is the weather like in New York and Los Angeles?”)..


The Android P Public Beta is Out

Android P will officially launch this autumn. The next version of its operating system includes smart battery management, increased privacy and even efforts to cure smartphone addiction with a new emphasis on digital wellbeing. “Do not disturb” will automatically activate when a phone is face down on a table in the new “shush” feature.  Android P also incorporates notch support, optimising how status icons and notifications are shown around them.


Gmail is Getting Smarter 

Google I/O 2018 announced the newest improvement to Gmail: smart compose. Google’s smart compose is the enhanced and smarter version of smart reply which it rolled out in 2017. The feature is powered by AI and can help you write entire emails. It operates while you type, offering relevant phrases as you go along. Google claims it will also reduce spelling and grammatical errors.


Google Maps is Closing in on Virtual Reality 

Google is demoing a new version of Google Maps in which it will use augmented reality to show you where to walk. It combines street view and camera, so that you can hold up your phone and see directions ahead of you.


Google Lens is Coming to More Phones 

When Google Lens was announced in 2017, it was one of the biggest and most exciting announcement of the conference. However, it was only available for Google Pixel. Now, it is coming to more phones. LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, HMD/Nokia, Transsion, TCL, OnePlus, BQ and Asus will all be compatible with Google Lens.  


Google News will Combat Fake News 

Google News has been overhauled to provide emphasis on high quality journalism. It will also give preference to local news, and try to make users understand the full scope of a story by  incorporating various sources and formats.


Full steam ahead on AI

As Google hones in on artificial intelligence, its research division has been rebranded to Google AI. Google also announced that it has created custom silicone to handle its machine operations. This is another massive step in the race to create the best machine learning tools for developers and capture them in one ecosystem.


ML Kit Provides New Tools for Developers

ML Kit is a new software development kit that will make it easier for developers on iOS and Android to integrate pre-built machine learning models into apps. This includes face and text recognition, barcode scanning, image labelling and landmark recognition. We can’t wait to learn about the innovation born out of this new tool.


Possible Legal Implications: Privacy and Data Protection 

Let’s face it: personal data is lucrative. And with new advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as the growth of the internet of things, data privacy concerns have grown. The EU’s GDPR is a testament to this, and experts expect similar regulations to be enacted in other jurisdictions as well. How to fully utilize the newest technology whilst steering clear of costly data privacy law infringements?  LawTrades  can help.

Our web agreement and internet lawyers can help you navigate the nebulous world of data privacy laws, dealing with the changing regulations and your legal obligations, while you spend your time utilizing all that groundbreaking new technologies have to offer.