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How Do I Copyright My App?

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If you are interested in obtaining copyright protection for a newly created app, you should be aware that copyrighting an app is likely eligible for two separate tiers of copyright protection. The process of copyrighting an app is actually automatic. Registering an app with the U.S. Copyright Office takes several steps. Copyright protections apply to works that are both published and unpublished, so please note to copyright your app it does not have to exist in the marketplace for the automatic protections associated with copyrights to apply to it.

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, an eligible work attains automatic copyright protection “the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.“ This means that original works of authorship like apps are copyright protected by default. But, many rights ordinarily associated with intellectual property protections may not be enforceable in court unless you or your company registers your copyrighted work with the government.

The Registration Process

Registering your app with the U.S. Copyright Office is generally a good idea because you will need to have done so in order to file a lawsuit in the event that another individual or business infringes upon your intellectual property protections. Registration also allows you to ensure that the details of your copyright registration become part of the public record, which may be advantageous for any number of reasons.

The copyright registration process is relatively straightforward. The U.S. Copyright Office provides creators with copyright application forms and fee-related details on its website. A copy of your work must be sent with your copyright application and is non-returnable. It is important to fill out the detailed copyright application completely and correctly or you will risk rejection of your registration. Any delay in registration approval may affect future intellectual property litigation. For this reason, it may be beneficial to have an attorney review your copyright registration application before you submit it. Taking this step will better ensure that your copyright application is approved upon its initial submission.

It is worth noting that you can protect your app in a variety of ways beyond copyright protection. For example, elements of your creation may benefit from patent and/or trademark protection. An intellectual property attorney will be able to advise you of what steps you may need to take in order to better ensure that your rights are fully addressed in the event of infringement. The app marketplace is competitive, so this risk is increasingly becoming a reality for app developers.

Assistance Is Available

If you are interested in registering your new app or obtaining any other kind of intellectual property protections for it, please consider touching base with the team at LawTrades. We have extensive experience aiding individual artists and inventors, as well as businesses, protect their creations from potential infringement by securing intellectual property protections through patents, trademarks, registered copyrights and other safeguards. We are passionate about the rights of creators and are eager to assist you with your related legal needs.