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How to Choose the Right Outside Counsel for Your Company

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In-house counsel is involved in everything from daily decisions to long-term strategy. However, many will find that, due to either in-house workload or the nature of a task, outside counsel may be the best route to resolve an issue. Outsourcing your legal matters allows you to focus your resources on managing your business, reduces the risk of litigation, and can be a great solution to balancing a tight budget. Finding the best outside counsel can be tricky, though.


Clear Channels of Communication

From the onset of a relationship, a qualified outside legal team will be upfront about pricing and capabilities. Larger law firms offer discounts to high volume clients, whereas boutique firms usually offer lower overall pricing. In either case, you want to ensure that discussions about pricing are consistent and clear throughout your negotiations. Being able to establish a ready channel of communication also allows flexibility in pricing for the unique needs of your business. But even more so than pricing, your ability to connect with your outside legal counsel underpins their ability to adapt to changing needs. As cases and projects evolve, it’s vital that your legal partners be able to manage relationships and communication with the executives and key players of your organization.



Many ambitious and hungry law firms are eager to take on any variety of tasks and cases from any business sector, but this willingness may not translate into competency. The legal counsel you seek outside of your organization must demonstrate hands-on experience with both your industry and the type of work that you’re sending out. Previous experience is the only means by which the attorneys come to the table with an understanding of the intersection of your legal needs and business objectives.



The pricing of a legal firm is directed by the efficiency of its operations. A competitive provider is able to offer lower cost by drawing from a pool of seasoned employees that are dependable and require no further training. Given a qualified team, their ability to perform is then determined by the resources at their fingertips. The best sources for outside counsel use effective and innovative technology to enable skilled workers to outperform other providers in their area.


Prioritizing Your Work

It may be that you can find an organization that meets all of the above criteria but will not take your tasks as a priority due to their own workload. The ideal is one in which senior attorneys are involved in the tasks you’re outsourcing. Larger firms will typically only recruit their higher ranking attorneys for major cases, whereas your regular needs would be allocated to junior associates. Regardless of the reputation of a firm, if you’re a not a priority, then they’re not the right fit for you.


Pricing & Turnaround

Ultimately, the incentives of seeking outside counsel are cost-efficiency and time management. The trade-off presents itself in the substantial time and money spent in your search for the right firm. To address the challenge of finding the right outside counsel, new platforms facilitate instant connectivity with sophisticated matching algorithms that ensure the talent you wind up onboarding fits the needs of your organization. At the forefront of the new search, Apex Law offers a solution that’s intuitive, affordable, and scalable. Schedule a demo to start the interview process your outside counsel today.