How to Improve Business Processes with Temporary Legal Professionals

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Working with a legal professional can be a tremendous benefit for a company’s business processes. A legal advisor will provide advice to company professionals with the hopes of ensuring business processes proceed without legal impediment. The difficulty is that legal services can be expensive. Finding the right legal advisors is a difficult job.

Companies generally begin by seeking legal counsel from outside firms. Outside law firms are the most costly option, as these professionals charge high rates per hour of service rendered. If the amount of legal advice needed is extensive, companies may begin to explore hiring an in-house counsel. Hiring a full-time, in-house counsel can be quite costly for the business. Hiring a part-time legal outside counsel may not be an option given the difficulty to find the right attorney and the ability to meet all of the companies needs on a part-time basis.

Another option for the company is to work with temporary legal professionals. A temporary employee is someone hired for a specific purpose and period of time. A temporary employee’s hours will vary based upon the company needs or project.

Below we explore the types of temporary legal professionals and how they can improve the business process.

What type of temporary legal professional is appropriate?

Legal professionals include attorneys, legal researchers, paralegals, and legal secretaries. Each of these professionals provide varying types of services to a company.

  • Attorney – An attorney will have subject-matter knowledge of various substantive areas of the law. Attorneys are often specialists in a particular legal area, but they possess the ability to research and become proficient or knowledgeable in any legal subject. The attorney is the only professional licensed to represent the firm on legal matters.
  • Legal Researcher – A legal researcher generally researches areas of substantive law. They may have less legal training, which can inhibit her ability to spot legal issues before they arise. She will generally have less knowledge of procedural law matters.
  • Paralegal – A paralegal is an expert in the procedural aspects of a legal action. They generally have far less substantive knowledge than is necessary to actively advise a company. A paralegal generally works in concert with an attorney, and is a very valuable member of a legal staff.
  • Legal Secretary – A legal secretary handles administrative matters, such as documentation, records retention, billing matters, and setting up appointments.

Each of these legal professionals has her specialty. Working together, they can provide very valuable services to a company. If a company needs the service of any (or all) of these professionals, but cannot afford the costs or outside counsel and cannot employ them permanently, it should consider hiring temporary legal professionals.

Improve Business Processes

The first step in working with temporary legal staffing is to fully understanding the type or nature of legal work desired. This will allow you to determine which type or types of legal professional you need to hire. For substantive matters, the services of an attorney or legal researcher may be best. For administrative functions, a paralegal or very experienced legal secretary may be adequate. In any event, having a legal professional as part of company operations can greatly improve existing business processes.

The business process benefits of a temporary legal profession, in addition to cost, include:

  • No long-term employment commitment – The company is not obligated to employ the individual beyond the term of the project or goal completion. This avoids unnecessarily expanding employment beyond the operational demands of the company.
  • Filling Operational Gaps – If your business requires legal services as part of a project, hiring a temporary legal professional can fill the operational gaps for that period. For example, hiring a temporary legal professional to manage document disclosure for due diligence purposes during a funding deal would increase operational efficiency above having someone unfamiliar with due diligence manage the disclosure process.
  • Specialization – You might employ a temporary legal professional with a level of expertise in a given area of law. This can greatly facilitate the confidence of business executives who may not be aware of the legal requirements, such as disclosure, associated with a project or deal. For example, if a company is going through a major retooling that requires review and drafting of dozens of purchase agreement, it may be advantageous to have a specialized contract attorney during this period.

LawTrades Knows Temp Employees

Bringing on a temporary employee is loaded with legal and operational considerations. LawTrades is your resource for understanding the process and the various considerations. If you find yourself in need of a temporary legal profession, look no further than the specialized services offered by LawTrades. We can assist you in locating and hiring a temporary legal professional that will meet all of your business needs.