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In Case You Missed It : New workplace, Improved lawyer filters, Notifications, and More

attorney sort

(1) A more organized workspace for your legal data πŸ—ƒοΈ

When working with your lawyer, you can now pay invoices, view transactions, accept proposals and, send messages–all from one convenient place.



(2) A new Notification CenterπŸ””

We created a dedicated notification screen so you can more easily view and take action on important alerts.Β 


(3) More ways to sort through lawyersπŸ€”

We added more ways to sort through lawyers, like the amount of times they were rehired, years of experience, and price.Β 

attorney sort


Bugs We Squashed and ImprovementsπŸ›

  • Load times are 2x faster when switching through components
  • Fix date picker CSS that breaks on mobile
  • Fix transactions invoice calculation error
  • Edit profile picture bug

Up Next πŸ›³οΈ

  • Leave a review flow
  • Google + Facebook Sign up / Sign in
  • Lawyer performance analytics
  • Calendly integration


Small improvements like these often come directly from the feedback we get from our clients and lawyers. Share yours by tweeting us at @lawtrades


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