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What You Need to Report Copyright Infringement

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Once you’ve gone through the process of filing copyright on your material, you know you have legal backing should litigation occur. If you suspect that another company using your copyrighted material, you are absolutely empowered to report copyright infringement to protect your brand. While the process may feel daunting, a seasoned copyright attorney can help you identify the best avenue to choose for your specific situation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind moving forward when managing intellectual property.


Identify Permitted Use

Make sure that you did not give another person or business permission to use your protected intellectual property. Permitting use includes selling and licensing the work.


Identify Proof of Infringement

Make sure that you can clearly outline how the property was used. This may include documenting several instances. Keep a detailed ledger that contains dates and times. Make sure that you bring up any complaints within three years of identifying the copyright.


Establish Loss of Income and Copyright Infringement Penalties

Proving that your business has suffered economically is a compelling aspect of copyright infringement. Make sure to document how and when money was lost thoroughly. This type of documentation may include bank statements, invoices, or even communications with clients or customers.


Make Sure That the Copyright Doesn’t Fall under “Fair Use”

Fair use refers to specific instances that allow a person to use specific copyrighted property legally. For example, quoting from a protected book may be considered fair use. There are many things that a court finds when determining whether or not intellectual property falls under this category. It is primarily determined case-by-case.


Hire a Professional Copyright attorney

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