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Reasons Why Your Law Firm Would Benefit from Hiring a Paralegal

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Well-run businesses generally have two traits in common. They tend to be both efficient and highly effective. When operations are truly focused on supporting a business’s mission, that business places itself in the best possible position to be highly successful in achieving that mission. Efficient businesses are not always effective, but effective businesses are rarely inefficient. Here are some reasons to hire paralegals and legal assistants.

It is promotion of efficiency that is one of the primary reasons why law firms benefit from hiring paralegals. In order to be as effective as possible, law firms need to be able to allow each attorney and member of administrative staff to focus on those tasks that they are most skilled at and which most urgently deserve their attention. When highly specialized attorneys are bogged down by research tasks that are necessary but relatively unskilled, their time is not being used in an efficient way. Hiring a paralegal will free up all members of your firm’s team to focus more of their time where it is most needed.

Why a Paralegal?

While paralegals for hire do not possess law degrees, they have generally achieved either a certification or a master’s degree in their field in addition to a bachelor’s degree. This means that they have already received significant and fairly specialized training related to the kinds of work you will need them to do. For example, paralegals are generally trained to conduct legal research, engage in legal writing, properly file procedures and assist with motion practice. In addition, paralegals are generally trained in both substantive law and the rules of evidence.

A paralegal’s potential salary is set significantly lower than the average attorney’s salary. In addition, their services are fairly flexible. Depending on your firm’s needs, you may be able to utilize paralegal services in a myriad of ways. If your attorneys are stretched coordinating appeals, engaging in significant amounts of research, investigating certain areas of the law, writing standard legal documentation and other fairly routine matters, they may be relieved to have the assistance of paralegal services.

Certainly, some tasks need to be executed by a licensed attorney. For example, paralegals cannot conduct depositions, give clients legal advice or advocate on behalf of clients within a courtroom setting. But in many situations, a paralegal is fully authorized to do much of the routine work related to any given case. Working with a paralegal will free up your attorneys’ time and expertise for those tasks that specifically require their attention. Having additional help for less specialized tasks may also benefit your attorneys’ work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Help with Hiring a Paralegal

If you are thinking about paralegals for hire for your law firm’s roster, please consider consulting with the team at LawTrades. Our skilled employees can help to ensure that your law firm is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Whether you would benefit most from our help hiring the best paralegals available and making sure that their time is used effectively and efficiently or from outsourcing some of your overflow work directly to our team, we are here to help. Please reach out today if you are a law firm hiring paralegals to ensure that your firm is operating at the most efficient and effective levels possible.