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Understanding the Basics of Trademarks and Copyrights

As you develop your business, don’t let your intellectual property get moved to the back burner. You should do whatever you can to protect the symbols, designs, works, and processes that set your business apart from the rest. Properly registered trademarks and copyrights can help you avoid infringement issues and other costly litigation. However, it’s important to understand that trademarks and copyrights protect different types of intellectual property. You should choose proper legal protection accordingly, including consulting with an intellectual property attorney.


A trademark refers to the protection of symbols, colors, and designs that are associated with a particular brand. A few examples of items that you may want to trademark include:

  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Business name

It’s essential to complete a thorough trademark search to guarantee that nobody else is using the trademark for their business.  Because this process can be tedious and complicated, it’s recommended to hire a trademark attorney to conduct the proper research.


Copyrights are also a form of protection for intellectual property. The type of property that falls under this category includes any original literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic works. The advantage of the copyright is that it’s technically put in place at the time of creation. Many startups make the mistake of never filing a copyright. However, a business must complete a copyright registration if they want to pursue any litigation for improper use. Once obtained, the owner of the copyright controls reproductions and any recreations of the piece. Common materials that can have a copyright include:

  • Books
  • Reports
  • Video/audio recordings

How to File a Trademark

The process for filing intellectual property centers on filling out paperwork and paying a fee. However, it’s the research aspect of the process that can quickly become overwhelming. Ensure that you are completing the application properly by relying on the skill of an experienced intellectual property attorney. Failure to conduct proper research could lead to a considerable waste of time and money.

Intellectual Property Attorney

If your business has intellectual property, then it’s time to invest in its protection. LawTrades can connect clients with thoroughly vetted and experienced intellectual property lawyers. If you want to have on-demand services, you may prefer our subscription-based option, Counsel. With one of  our legal plans, you can opt for a convenient one-time fee that covers one month, six months, or an entire year of unlimited consultations. Plus, there are a ton of additional perks such as $0 service fee and heavily discounted hourly rates.