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What is the Average Cost to Trademark a Name?

lawtrades file a trademark piggybank

Registering a trademark is an essential element of any business’s IP protection strategy. The process can seem daunting, but with the right legal assistance, it need not be. In this article, LawTrades provide you with a complete answer to the question: “how much does a trademark cost?”


Initial Filing Fees 

The basic cost associated with a trademark application is the initial filing fee. The filing cost depends on the amount of classes in which your goods/services fall, as well as the degree to which you are able to meet the USPTO’s specific filing requirements.

The fee for paper filing is $600. It is the most expensive option, and arguably less convenient than electronic filing. It might therefore be best to look into applying for a trademark electronically. This can be done via USPTO’s online Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). For TEAS applications, there are three possible filing fees:


TEAS Plus  offers the lowest filing fee: $225 per class of goods and/or services. However, the lower fee comes along with the most stringent filing requirements.

If an applicant using TEAS Plus does not meet each of these requirements, an additional fee of $125 per class of goods and/or services will be required before the trademark application will be processed.


TEAS Reduced Fee (RF) this filing option requires a fee of $275 per class of goods and/or services. TEAS Reduced Fee applicants face less stringent filing requirements than those using TEAS plus, but still have to comply with some specific guidelines when filing.

Applicants filing through TEAS RF will be liable for an additional filing fee of $125 per class of goods and/or services if all the requirements are not met.


TEAS Regular is the standard electronic filing option, with an associated fee of $400 per class of goods and/or services. None of the requirements that apply to the other two options, apply for TEAS Regular.

It is important to remember that most of  the fees associated with the process are expressed on a “per class” basis. This means that if your goods/services fall into more than one class, overall fees will be higher. More information on the various classes can be found here. Initial application forms can be found online.


Additional Costs 

The process of applying for a trademark might also necessitate some additional costs over and above the initial filing fee. If the applicant has to request extension of a deadline to show the use of a mark, he/she will also have to pay an additional fee of $125 per class of goods and/or services in addition to the initial filing fee.

It is sometimes the case that the initial application does not satisfactorily indicate use – in such cases there is an additional fee of $100 per class of goods and/or services.

Finally, it is always a good idea to get an attorney’s professional services when you start the process to trademark a name. One of the valuable services offered by attorneys is a trademark search, which ensures that you do not initiate the application process for a trademark that will not be granted. The costs of such services will depend on your choice of attorney.


Trademark Attorneys 

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