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What to Look for in Temporary Legal Staffing

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Business tends to be a fluid process rather than a stationary object. Few businesses are so straightforward as to only require legal assistance when incorporating. From hiring challenges to taxes, regulatory compliance to zoning, intellectual property concerns to lawsuits, most businesses have legal needs that fluctuate.

It is for this fundamental reason that startups, established businesses and even law firms may benefit from temporary legal staffing from time to time. Within larger businesses and any sized law firm, outsourcing legal work for some of a company’s overflow, backlogged or less specialized legal tasks can free up in-house counsel for more specialized work. Smaller companies may benefit from temporary legal staffing for their more sporadic legal needs rather than incurring the cost of hiring in-house counsel. Whatever the reason your business may be seeking to hire temporary legal staff, it is important to keep a few key considerations in mind. Let’s look at outsourcing legal work with temporary legal staffing.

Quality and Experience

The first thing you should seek assurances about when collaborating with a temporary legal staffing firm is the quality of the operation itself combined with the experience of potential temporary legal staffers. Many legal employment agencies will express their eagerness to work with companies in fulfilling their staffing needs. But not all legal employment agencies understand what companies may need from their temporary staff members. Look for a legal staffing company with an excellent reputation, approachable and dependable customer service, a clear mission and plenty of experience.

It can also be helpful to seek out a company that specializes in temporary legal staffers specifically, as these firms tend to understand the unique challenges of temporary legal staffing and likely have an experienced pool of potential workers ready to serve companies on short notice. Not all legal staffing agencies coordinate with paralegals, attorneys capable of conducting document review services, general legal counselors and other vital contractors. Specialized legal staffing firms are more likely to be able to accommodate your needs.

As Needs Change

It is also important to coordinate with a legal staffing agency that is equipped to meet your company’s needs as they evolve. If a legal employment agency only handles certain areas of law or only employs a certain kind of worker, this may not be the best business relationship to enter into. As previously noted, the legal needs of businesses tend to fluctuate over time. As a result, it is helpful to build a relationship with a legal staffing agency ready to meet your company’s legal needs as they arise.

In addition, it is important to only enter into a business relationship with a legal staffing agency if you feel that you can truly trust the operation. If the company does not have a stellar reputation, please think twice. Legal staffing is serious business, as allowing new workers access to your company’s operations is no minor occasion.

Meeting Your Needs

The team at LawTrades serves to help meet all of our clients’ temporary legal staffing needs. Our dedicated professionals are equipped to provide “all-in-one” service for whatever legal challenges your company may be facing. We have extensive experience working with startups, established businesses, law firms and financial industry professionals. If your company or firm could benefit from experienced temporary legal staffing at a fraction of the cost associated with hiring long-term workers, please consider reaching out to the team at LawTrades today.