When a Business Should Switch Lawyers

Finding the right attorney for your business isn’t always an easy task. For years, it’s been an annoying task. What starts out as a glowing recommendation from friends and family can turn into an utter nightmare. Also, a simple search for a lawyer on Google can turn into hours of researching and playing phone tag. This can lead to businesses just saying “screw it” I’ll keep using the suit I have now. Luckily for businesses, (with the help of LawTrades) the legal market is shifting into a more transparent and accessible industry. Here are some indicators that your current legal counsel may not be the right fit for your company – and to start looking for someone better:

#1 – The Attorney Isn’t Offering Affordable / Flexible Pricing. Your business needs to spend its money on more important things like growing your business rather than hourly billing. The best business lawyers out there provide alternative pricing models like flat-fee pricing and payment plans to support true startup growth and inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship. If your current attorney seems unwilling or unapproachable when it comes to the rate you’re paying, or the structure of the representation, then you should explore what other attorneys are charging and offering.

#2 – Your Lawyer Is Hard to Reach. Even if your attorney seems really capable at handling your company’s legal issues, competency is just one thing to consider. Often, legal issues arise quickly and unexpectedly. This can cause a ton of anxiety for a business owner, which can be alleviated by speaking with his / her attorney. If your attorney takes days to respond, then those are hours of worrying and wondering that can be avoided by retaining someone that is prompt and empathetic to your needs.

#3 – I Keep Thinking – Does My Attorney Know What He / She Is Doing? It’s reassuring to have an attorney who has represented companies in the past. That way you can rest your mind at ease when it comes to legal issues as your attorney has likely dealt with them before. Also, your lawyer should provide in-depth services to an exclusive number of clients and understand your company’s culture and objectives. If you’re receiving shoddy work and / or receiving confusing, vague advice then it’s probably a sign that you need someone with more experience or interest in your company.

#4 – It Just Doesn’t Feel Right. Professional chemistry is a thing so that feeling you have is normal. Your lawyer should be able to relate to you as a business owner. As such, choose a lawyer you can actually see yourself getting along with. While expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with the person, or can’t envision yourself having confidential conversations with them, then you should probably find someone else.

Having the right attorney for your business can pay dividends. Like all relationships, there’s always an exit if you’re unhappy. The legal relationship is no different. Nowadays, it’s so much easier to find a capable attorney so start looking if any of the red flags listed above resonate with your current situation.