What is a 2.0 lawyer?

The term refers to lawyers who are well-versed with web-related services and have an integrated legal system that incorporates technology with their representation. It is important in this day and age to find a “2.0 lawyer” for a number of reasons.

First, the rudimentary legal procedures, such as discovery requests, are heavily reliant on technological protections of confidential material. With such a large portion of legal documents accessible online or on internet servers, you want to find a lawyer who is savvy with such matters, and can use technology to their advantage during representation.

Second, in the context of business law, most typically for startups, it is imperative to find an attorney who is aware of technological/web-based advantages that a company could benefit from. Attorneys who can utilize the web in an efficient and cost-effective manner, provide the highest-quality representation in this day and age and will have the necessary tools to help a company expand.

Third, “2.0 lawyers” will typically make the legal representation process easier on the client. Such lawyers will have the tools available to streamline representation in a way that is convenient for the client, and limits the “red-tape” that is involved in everyday lawyering.

Despite the term “2.0 lawyer” not being readily used in the legal profession, it does not diminish its importance in the near future. From my personal experience, lawyers’ successes will soon be dictated by their ability to assimilate to new technology that expands their practice. As clients become aware of the growing market of 2.0 lawyers, they will start to demand/expect the same services from lawyers who are still “1.0.”

In fact, we have developed a company that is trying to bridge this gap. If you get the chance, take a look at LawTrades. Our company provides a comprehensive web-platform that connects clients and lawyers in a unique and novel way. Not only can a client’s searches be tailored specifically to lawyers based on price, expertise, experience and verified client reviews, but we also provide an innovative system to carry out legal representation. Clients can connect with their attorneys 24/7, and can conduct interviews, meetings and consultations through our site.

As technology makes the legal process easier and more efficient, lawyers must adapt. In a perfect world, the term “2.0 lawyer” should not exist, because all lawyers should be striving to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced services. So as you search for a lawyer, you should be mindful to inquire about what services they can provide that may differ from the regular, “run-of-the-mill” attorneys.

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