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What address should I use when incorporating a virtual company?

The address you choose or your company will certainly set the stage for first impressions. You’ve been given a lot of helpful tips already about different scenarios you could choose, but I would like to elaborate on the pros and cons of each.

Registered agent – LawTrades offers registered agent services where you can use our RA address as your virtual office when you incorporate with us. It’s much more affordable than renting a physical office.

Using your home address—This may be a plausible solution. However, consider your home address for a moment. Does it sound professional? For example, if you live in an apartment building, indicating that as your address may not come across as reliable to some consumers or even potential investors.

Rent a P.O. box—This type of mailing service will offer privacy, but maybe lacks in credibility. However, the annual fee is pretty low, but do keep in mind that you can’t have UPS or FedEx delivered to your box.

Virtual mailboxes—This is a fairly new concept where you will be given a virtual mailbox and then all mail will be forwarded to your home address. The main thing here is to make sure that if you choose this option, that you go with a reliable company.

It sounds like you are in the early stages of establishing your business. If so, you may desire the assistance of a business attorney. My company, LawTrades assists clients with finding the best lawyer for their situation. Our rates our affordable, we offer flexible payment options, and we really care about each of our clients. Check out our website to learn more about what we do.

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