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Which attorneys located in New York City are recommended for general tech startup legal work?

Finding the right patent lawyer to take care of your filing needs is no easy task–especially one that is affordable and offers high quality legal services.

Patent lawyers should provide affordable prices to startups in order to grow their business. It’s important to understand all the fee structures out there. While hourly rates are prevalent, you should also explore alternatives such as fixed, capped, contingent, hybrid and premium based fee arrangements.

In terms of reliability, remember that you hire a person, not a firm. You may retain the finest patent filing firm in the land but every firm has great lawyers, good lawyers and some that are neither. You only get the lawyer you hire.

When you’re ready, head over to LawTrades to find affordable rates on patent filings from pre-vetted startup lawyers. We also offer free initial consults and our patent attorneys typically charge in the range of $1–2k. We’ve worked with plenty of non-U.S. citizen founders in the U.S too! Hope this helps.

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