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Which attorneys located in New York City are recommended for general tech startup legal work?

In searching for the best startup attorney out there, always trust your instinct. Input from friends and startups are great, but may not always be reliable. Your own opinion matters a lot and while expertise and years of experience are important, if you don’t feel comfortable with the attorney, then you should probably pass.

Some things I really like about exceptional startup attorneys are the ones that provide in-depth and detailed services to a limited number of clients. They are committed to knowing your business inside and out, its culture, and its strategies. The attorney understands that risk can never be eliminated, but managed intelligently and always from a cost effective perspective.

LawTrades, an interactive online platform that helps startups shop for a lawyer just like they shop for everything else nowadays, has handpicked some of the most highly regarded startup/venture attorneys in the big apple. Our lawyers have worked with people at Google, Flipboard, IBM, LimeWire etc… And our users include Mark Cuban’s Cyberdust, FratMusic.com, PillTalk, and dozens more.

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