What is the average cost for a lawyer to help you file for an LLC entity?

Generally, the costs associated with having a lawyer setup your LLC for you will depend on the filing fee in your state, whether you need a registered agent (and you said you planned on getting one and knew the associated cost in your area), and the flat rate or hourly rate that the attorney will charge for their time.

It’s definitely worth it to look at your options. There are services that specialize in LLC formation that use attorneys to complete the documents. These are usually a little less expensive than hiring a lawyer in your area. However, hiring a lawyer in your area does have an added benefit: you begin to establish a relationship with a lawyer who knows the laws in your state. This is important because if you are named in a lawsuit, the lawyer who prepped your documents and who works in another state obviously won’t be the person you call.

You also have the option of completing the paperwork for an LLC on your own. The documents are often available for free on the Secretary of State website. Then, you return those documents with your filing fee. That’s the most budget friendly option.

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