What is a ballpark estimate of the privacy policy and terms of use in mobile apps?

Raaes and Kevin bring up two good points: 1) Privacy Policies (PP) and Terms of Service (TOS) are complex for a non-lawyer to draft because of the state and federal laws you have to comply with, 2) the specific terms you have in your TOS and PP should be customized to deal with the different privacy issues/user base that YOUR APP is targeting.

At LawTrades, an experienced (average 15 years of experience) startup attorney charges $300-600 total for a PP and TOS. By using software to help lawyers run their practice more efficiently, we’re able to pass the savings onto startups like you.

But you may ask, why not just cut and paste another company’s PP and TOS, or use a template from a law firm or Docracy?

In the short run, you save money. BUT, by not having custom-tailored PP and TOS, you are putting your company at risk for paying thousands of dollars because of something like a class action lawsuit by parents of children whose private information was disclosed to the public because of a data breach of your mobile app. Having an experienced startup attorney draft a PP and TOS from scratch is the best route to protecting yourself and your company. Check us out!

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