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Who are the best IP lawyers in the Los Angeles area?

Filing your idea with the U.S. government is a crucial step to letting your business flourish. It’s for that reason that many entrepreneurs like yourself want to work with a well respected and cost effective IP lawyer.

You want to first figure out which type of intellectual property lawyer you need. Below are the gory details, but if you already know what you need then feel free to head over to LawTrades to get your questions answered and receive free price quotes from IP lawyers in LA.

  1. Patent lawyers – these are attorneys who possess both legal and technical expertise to help you prepare, draft, and file patent applications with regard to your invention. According to the patent office, an invention is “any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof.” For tech startups, think hardware, software, business methods etc…
  2. Trademark lawyers – you can go this route if you want to secure your business name, logo etc… a trademark attorney will help you conduct a detailed search for potential issues associated with your proposed mark and then recommend whether to file the application and assist with that whole legal proceeding.
  3. Copyright lawyers– copyrighting is different from trademarks and patents in the sense that you’re looking to protect creative works like literary, dramatic, artistic, musical and more pieces. An attorney can help you secure one and prevent others from copying your work without your express permission.

So once you’ve figured what you need, you can begin your search of finding the best IP attorney for you and your business.

Know Where to Search

I wouldn’t recommend starting your search on Google since it’ll yield a ton of promotional sites with indistinguishable services and SEO juice. Also don’t make the rookie mistake of using a family/friend lawyer that typically does wills to do your startup IP work. Instead, check out legal answers on Quora like Startup Law and/or try out a service like LawTrades where you can be provided a quick and painless price quote from simply answering a few questions.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you find a good one try to make the most of the first consultation. Treat it like a business partner meeting and come prepared with questions like how the search process works? How long will the process take? Are there any conflicts from working with a competitor in the past?

It’s important to note that patent, trademark, and copyright matters have federal jurisdiction. This means that a lawyer in any state with a patent license or experience with trademarks/copyrights can help you out. This is great for you since it doesn’t limit you to only LA and you might be able to find a better deal from an attorney working in another state.

In sum, narrow it down to the type of lawyer you need, leverage sites like Quora and LawTrades instead of Google, and arm yourself with useful questions during the first call.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with the business and feel free to message me here on Quora if you have any other questions.

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