Who is the best lawyer for a startup that needs terms of service and a privacy policy, specifically in Silicon Valley? How much does a lawyer generally charge for drafting these?

First, it’s good to understand what exactly the Terms of Service is for and why having a proper one is important.

What is a Terms of Service?

A Terms of Service basically define what a user agrees to in order to use your services and they vary depending on the type of business or purpose of the site. It’s important that these documents accurately represent what a user can expect from the information they gain from your site.

Why do I need it?

Each business is unique thus warranting a unique Terms of Service to address all of their specific concerns. Sure, you could draw one up yourself or hire a freelancer on oDesk, but what are the odds that they will be able to address every legal concern your business may face?

What happens when I hire a lawyer?

When you hire a lawyer to make yours, they will work with you to tailor the terms of your business. This includes the nature of the business, the way the website handles traffic, and a vast array of other variables.

Next, they state conditions of sale if applicable. Payments, credit card use, shipping terms, refund policy and more should all be addressed in addition to limiting any legal liability to the customers and third parties that visit the site.

The next step involves respecting any intellectual property rights which should be self-explanatory if you’re reading this post. Finally, a privacy policy will be established which will disclose how customer data is collected along with ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Obviously, there are steps in between depending on the business but this is a general basic structure of how a Terms of Service would be established.

Where can I get one done?

I hope you find this answer helpful! If you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to get this drafted by vetted startup lawyers in Silicon Valley, then feel free to check our platform out at LawTrades where our lawyers prepare these documents on a regular basis.

Best of luck!

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