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What are some best practices for presenting Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service to users of your SaaS product?

I noticed the comment you left under Dana’s answer. I’ll paste it below and focus on that:

“I guess my question on termination was trying to understand what to do in the event you present users with change in terms of services how do you handle scenario where user declines to accept changes. Disrupting the service immediately isn’t a good strategy but otherwise I suppose you just have to maintain previous terms of use for that user until end of current pre-paid term?”

A startup attorney would be the best to advise you in this situation but I’ll do my best to give some general observations. The first place to look would be your Terms of Use agreement governing your site as there should be a provision addressing this situation. If not, then I agree that it is risky to suspend the user’s service if s/he has pre-paid for a term. It’s really important to have strong Terms of Use and Privacy Policies on your site as early as possible to prevent these types of situations from blossoming.

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