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What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Life of an entrepreneur can definitely get hectic. Fortunately, there are countless apps and tools that can totally simplify the process and make every minute count. I’ve broken the list down into a few subcategories that I think are the most critical and then offered what I think is the best tool. Trust me, you are going to want to check these out.


Alright, so one of the hardest things to navigate as an entrepreneur is consistent communication with investors, employees, co-founders, etc. If you haven’t started to get conversations cross-wired in your brain—it is going to happen eventually. The best solution?

Slack—-What I love about Slack is that it’s an incredibly simple platform to use, but it’s an awesome tool for organizing conversations. Each person you communicate with can be classified by a different channel. You can choose between group or one-on-one chats that you can reference in the future if you can’t quite remember the finer details. Plus, Slack integrates a lot of other helpful tools such as Trello (more on this later).

Legal Services

At some point, you’ll need to invest in legal resources to help navigate the various phases of business. It’s best to start considering the best resources from the very start.

LawTrades—This is a tool that helps businesses (and individuals) manage the legal side of their endeavors. You can have immediate access to handpicked attorneys that are specialized in the area that you need help. The platfrom utlizes technology to offer a simpler approach to communication and affordable legal services.


Entrepreneurs often need some temporary help with a project and the best option is to hire a freelancer. Posting a simple freelance gig isn’t what it used to be. If you rely on a popular job board then chances are your email is going to get flooded with thousands of emails from a mixture of super awesome and seriously under-qualified people. What is a startup supposed to do?

UpWork—If you want to cut down the number of applicants to only the seriously qualified, then UpWork is the solution. Here, you can have access to thousands of qualified freelances that you can easily view their profiles, experiences, samples, and reviews of previous work. You can post a job and wait for the best applicant (Hire time usually takes about 3 days max) or you can browse through the profiles filtered by experience and pay range and invite the freelancer to apply.

Project Management

Project management is HUGE. It can definitely mean the difference between stellar productivity or crashing and burning at every step of the game. There’s a ton of options out there, but you’ll quickly find that some applications are just better than others.

Trello—Trello is awesome because it is really diverse. This application can manage it all from organizing screen play production to assisting with managing a busy law office. The broad range of management capabilities attract a lot of businesses to this tool, plus you can integrate with a lot of other applications to help simplify your life even more.


Virtual meetings are commonplace when it comes to startups for today. You need to have a plan for how you will connect with people via video-chat. Think easy-use for this one since you never know the capabilities of the people you are working with.

Google Hangouts—I like this option because it connects with your Google account which most people already have. You don’t have to worry with asking the other person to create an account and instead they can simply add you to their contacts and connect in a matter of minutes.

Social Media Management

Social media is definitely a hot spot for marketing, connecting, and staying relevant. But, it can be a serious time suck unless you get a quality tool set in place. Not only can a social media management application really reduce your time and energy, but it can help you moni…


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