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Who is the best startup lawyer in Texas?

Finding the “best” lawyer for your startup is no easy task. There’s a ton of stuff to take into consideration like Price/Quality, Connections, and professional chemistry.

A great startup lawyer should offer affordable prices so that the company can focus on growing the business. It’s important to understand the lawyers fee structure. While most lawyers charge an hourly rate, you should also explore alternative fee structures such as fixed, capped, contingent or hybrid.

It’s always good to meet lawyers who are well rooted in the Texas tech community as well. They might share the same startup drive as you and provide warm introductions to the right investors.

And always trust your instinct. Input from family and friends are great but can sometimes be unreliable. Your own opinion matters a lot and if you don’t feel comfortable talking with the person, or can’t see yourself having confidential conversations wit them, then you better pass.

To find some great vetted startup lawyers in Texas, check out LawTrades (full disclosure: I’m the CEO). Our lawyers have an average of 9 years experience and have worked with companies like FlipboardIBM , LimeWire (remember them?) and more.

If you need any additional info or need help getting started, feel free to reach out anytime 🙂

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