What is the best way to crowd fund an app idea?

Crowdfunding can be a good way to raise money for your app idea. But, before you share your idea with the public, it is important that you protect your intellectual property first. This protection will allow you to share your app with the public for the purpose of crowdfunding without risking theft by a competitor.

I would suggest that you speak with an intellectual property attorney to determine which parts of your app need protection and further which type (patent, copyright, trade secret) of protection is appropriate. If you are looking for an experienced intellectual property attorney, I invite you to check out LawTrades. Our attorneys have experience in all areas of intellectual property and have filed successful applications for many others.

As far as the best way to crowdfund, the process is generally the same in all scenarios — the entrepreneur puts the business idea into a marketplace and “investors” (average people) all over the world or country decide whether they want to “donate” to the company. There are many different websites that create this marketplace. To name just a few:

At this stage, just like any other investment stage, you should be prepared to make your company stand out from the others. These crowdfunding websites are littered with companies looking for investments, so you will need to stand out to successfully crowdfund. It’s important to seek legal counsel before crowdfunding. An attorney will analyze your IP and agreements to make sure you won’t lose value from singing up for one of these campaigns. You can speak to an attorney on LawTrades. We offer free initial consults, affordable flat-fee pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee.

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