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What is the best way to get legal help at very low price for a startup? Do lawyers take equity and help for free? If yes, how that works?

Basically all startups will run into a situation that calls for the assistance of an attorney. When that takes place, many executives’ first move is to google how to do it yourself. Rightfully so – for decades the legal world has carried the reputation for being overpriced and just a terrible experience. And there will be those startups that figure out legal issues on their own, all while saving some money. But, and this is a big but, there are plenty of startups that fail at being their own lawyer. That’s why we started LawTrades. We wanted to create a new legal experience and option so that startups no longer have to rely on neither annoying, overpriced big-law firms nor answers they find on Quora.

We’re really passionate helping startups get their legal work done in a seamless and affordable way from a vetted community of lawyers. One of the biggest pain points about working with lawyers are the high fees associated with the work. To solve this, we created a marketplace of attorneys that work on alternative pricing systems that work for you, like a flat-fee arrangement. Importantly, our rates are typically 25%-75% below market cost. How are we so affordable? We use software to help automate routine legal tasks so lawyers spend less time and are able to pass the savings to you. I think you’ll find our prices are comparable to template providers like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, so you might as well hire an attorney for the same price. If you end up needing anything in the future, feel free to check us out. It’s completely free to get price quotes and consult with our lawyers prior to hiring them.

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