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What is the best way to go about creating a terms and conditions + privacy policy for a Website? Are there specific lawyers who do this or can you piece one together yourself? Also, can you get away with not having them?

You should definitely have one if you operate a website or mobile application. If your business does not have a privacy policy and/or terms and conditions, it will leave you susceptible to lawsuits and investigations that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

LawTrades has helped 100’s of businesses get their PP + TOS through real startup lawyers. I founded this company because like yourself, I didn’t know where to turn when I needed a good lawyer or how much he/she would charge. We use software to help lawyers run their practices more efficiently, which ends up saving you money. You can get a typical PP + TOS drafted from $400 – $800 from a specialized lawyer well-versed in creating these types of documents.

A good privacy policy makes users feel confident visiting your website/app since it clearly outlines how your service will collect and use visitors personal information.

Your Privacy policy needs to be custom tailored to YOUR particular business. Downloading just any old privacy policy is cheaper but it may not include all the specifications of your particular service offerings. This could put you in trouble if you do something that isn’t clearly outlined in your PP.

Going to an experienced startup lawyer and creating one from scratch would be the best route to protecting yourself and your company. But at the same time, there are services like Docracy that offer pre-made privacy policies to use on your site. The problem is you will run into the same issue using a cookie cutter document that is not clear and usually longer than it needs to be.

If a user doesn’t feel comfortable, they may contact you directly or inquire to the Federal Trade Commission. While a privacy policy is not a contract, it basically summarizes how you operate your business.

Here’s some common ways websites get your personal information, which may or may be included in your privacy policy: 

For a deeper understanding on this topic check out this article on Medium: The Importance of Privacy Policies for Websites and Apps.

Hope you find this answer useful! And again please check us out at LawTrades for personalized support. Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message if I can get into any specifics 🙂

Best of luck with the business!

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