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What is the best way to protect a logo from being copied?

The best way? Trademark it. This protects your logo from being ripped off and provides a legal recourse if this ever happens.

Regarding the costs, at a minimum each filing will cost you $275 in filing fees with the Office. If you’re looking to protect your trademark in more than one category of goods and service, you will need to pay an additional filing fee for each category.

Because the trademark application process can get complex, many seek the assistance of an intellectual property (IP) attorney to do the heavy lifting for them.

There are legal requirements, strict time deadlines, and the filing fees are not refunded in case you mess up. An attorney will do the research to make sure the mark isn’t already taken, ensure the filing gets accepted by the Office, and provide sound legal advice throughout the whole process.

If you’d like the receive a free price quote for your specific trademark filings and get this work done by vetted on-demand attorneys, feel free to check out LawTrades. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re still confused!

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