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Is it better to use a startup law firm or use a service like Clerky along with free legal forms you can generate off startup law firm’s websites?

Although Clerky provides startups a quick and easy way to generate needed legal documents, there are definitely drawbacks. When forming your startup, you want create an entity that is personally designed and tailored to the specifics of your company. Using basic templates and boilerplate documents can omit a bunch of your company’s specifics that you may want to include. Simply trying to add-in or take out this information on these types of forms can be difficult and confusing and can also result in overlooking vital details. Other stuff comes up during formation as well and Clerky’s helpfulness only extends to the documents. On the other hand, by using an attorney during and after formation, a startup has a go-to person to turn to with the various legal issues that arise. Another thing we see often is businesses that purchase agreements / forms then turn to an attorney to check things over, which can save money if the forms aren’t far off to begin with.

You should take a look at our site LawTrades. Our company believes the help of an attorney goes much further than any boilerplate document. That’s why we’ve made it affordable and easy for startups to hire a lawyer during these pivotal stages for young businesses. Our legal platform offers formation and post-formation flat-fee packages, and free price quotes. Check us out & best of luck!

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