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What is the biggest challenge when incorporating a business in the US?

As someone who sees this stuff on a daily basis, here’s what comes to mind:

  • Trying to predict where your business is going to be in a 2–5 years. It’s key to have an idea of where you see your business down the road when choosing the proper business form. This obviously isn’t an easy answer, but it’s something worth considering in order to save $$$ with a costly conversion years from now.
  • All the post-formation stuff. A lot of business owners are fooled by incorporation packages offered by RocketLawyer, LegalZoom, Stripe Atlas etc. because they often leave out all the formalities that are required after registering. Filing a certificate of incorporation is just one step among many and failing to do anything after that can cause fines and personal liability exposure.
  • Trying to save money during a crucial stage. Some entrepreneurs view incorporation as a time they can save on legal. This is silly. Incorporating lays the foundation for your company and it pays to do it right. Messing it up, or choosing the wrong entity, can end up costing much more than the amount of hiring an attorney from the beginning.

Those are just a few among many. If you’re looking to incorporate w/ the help of a great startup attorney then try out LawTrades.

Our process is simple: 1) tell us what you need; 2) let us match you with the right attorney; 3) confidently sit back as the attorney completes your project. At the end of each project you’ll have the chance to review the product; all projects come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Good luck!

Legal is hard. Let’s tackle it together.

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