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Where do bootstrappers go for legal startup questions?

A bunch turn to us at LawTrades. For decades small businesses / startups were left with two options: 1) pay top $$ for legal work at a law firm or 2) try and figure things out on their own. LawTrades finds itself somewhere in the middle.

We encourage startups to save money by offering sound legal services at affordable prices. We don’t agree with the hourly billing model that has made legal services inaccessible for years. Rather, we think flat-fee pricing is more appropriate for startup legal work. Also, we believe in transparency and thus provide users with a complete look into what is included in each legal project, the price to be paid, and the lawyer to complete it. We also invite startups to try and do as much of the legal legwork as they can (in order to save costs) and then have an attorney on LawTrades review it for a low cost.

If you’re looking for helpful (and free) resources then I invite you to check out our Answers page blog. Feel free to message me too!

(full disclosure: I’m the CEO of LawTrades)

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