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If you are too broke to hire a patent lawyer, and you don’t have time to file patents yourself, what are the alternatives, if any?

First, ideas are not patentable — you will have to put a lot of time and effort into your idea before you can even begin the patent process. The idea is the basis but it needs to be turned into a useful invention before it can receive patent protection.

The patent process itself is pretty tough and generally expensive because the protection that comes with a patent is very valuable to the inventor. It also ensures that only truly necessary inventions receive protection. So to receive a patent, you will have to file yourself or hire a patent attorney.

But, you do have alternatives to the unnecessary costs associated with the traditional legal search. At LawTrades we cut out those unnecessary costs and match you directly with a patent attorney who can file your patents. Our attorneys have experience filing patents and the initial consultation is free. So if you are looking for alternatives, you should check us out.

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