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When buying a property, why would you use a real estate agent these days (w/ listings on Redfin, Trulia etc) when you can get half the buyers agent fee (1.5%) back from a lawyer who handles your paperwork? Are real estate agents worth giving up $15,000 (for a 1M house)?

Realtors and real estate lawyers are both valuable assets when buying and selling real estate. Rather than focus on the either/or situation, it may be better to consider how each professional can assist you through the process to ensure that you are making the best investment into your future.

Realtors certainly have knowledge about the market and how to make properties more appealing to potential buyers. This is certainly an advantage that is unique to this profession. They are generally more hands on during the buying and selling process because that is their line of work to do so.

However, a real estate attorney can be just as helpful. They have an eye for details when it comes to signing contracts. Such details can impact whether or not you save thousands of dollars on a deal. Likewise, a lawyer’s job is to ensure that all the paperwork is in the best interest of the client and will be more likely to spot any issues that could have lasting financial impacts.

The answer to your question is that these are two different types of professionals that can add value to your transaction in different ways.

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