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In California, can you have your residential address also be the address for your LLC?

Yes – this is taken from the California Secretary of State website:

“Item 3: [Service of Process]:

Item 3a: List the name of the agent for service of process. The agent for service of process must be: (1) a person who resides in California or (2) an active corporation in California that has filed a certificate pursuant to Section 1505. (Section 17701.13.)

Item 3b: If the agent for service of process listed in Item 3a is a person (not a corporation), list the agent’s business or residential street address in California. Do not use a P.O. Box address. (Section 17701.13.) Do not complete Item 3b if the agent for service of process is a corporation as the corporate agent’s address for service of process is already on file.”

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