When can a business skip a trademark registration?

I completely disagree that getting a registered trademark is a waste of time and money. It’s true that rights are established simply by using the mark in commerce and you may never have an issue in the entire existence of your company by doing so. But, what happens if someone challenges the use of your trademark? That’s when you’ll wish that you would have taken the extra step towards protecting it.

Some additional benefits of having a registered trademark include:

  • Exclusive rights to the mark
  • Ability to file litigation in federal court
  • If applying in the US, you can use the registration as a base for applying for an international trademark
  • Protecting from importing foreign goods that infringe on the trademark

If you’re asking if you can totally skip registration—yes. There is nothing that requires you to go through with it. But, if there is ever a problem in the future, you will likely see this as a simple way you could have avoided it.

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